Queen - Sienna
Sienna is my beautiful brown rosette girl. She has a ver strong character and knows her own mind. She is vocal when she wants attention and loves playing through the play tunnel.

Sienna is TICA registered .
She has a great profile with small rounded ears and a silky pelt. I have high hopes for her in the show ring as she matures and develops.

I got Sienna from Kevin and Ann (GSB Bengals) and I would like to say a big thank you for allowing her to come and join my breeding program.

9 months old
7 months old
5 months old
Sienna has now been neutered and found a lovely home with Martin and his wife.
It became apparent that Sienna was unhappy living in a multi-cat home, and would be happier as a pet. Her new home is quieter where she will be doted on.
Here are a few pictures of her settling in her new home. I miss her, but I am so happy she has a loving home.