Caring for your kitten
Caring For Your New Bengal Kitten

A beautiful silky Bengal kitten! One of the most eye catching cats on the planet. Who wouldn't want one? As the saying goes, though, cats are for life, not just for Christmas.

You have to take care of them, and that adorable little bundle of fur will give you so much fun and love in return. You may find the link below helpful if you are new to caring for a kitten.

Malkira Bengal kitten:

All kittens are very sociable and are raised in a happy family house with young children, other cats and a dog. They are used to every day noises from washing machines to hovers. They are born upstairs in a nice quiet bedroom and slowly introduced to the rest of the house once they are around 4/5 weeks old.

When you come to choose your kitten you can see mum and dad too.
A £100 non-returnable deposit will secures your new baby. Our babies don’t ever leave me until they are 13 weeks old.. They will be wormed to date with Panacur, flea treated to date with Front line and will be fully vaccinated and micro chipped (upon request at extra charge) They will also be litter trained and scratch pole trained and our babies only go to strictly loving homes.
Don’t ask for one of our babies if you are out at work all day and they will be left home alone. If you are out during the day then we would ask you to take 2 kittens so they won’t be lonely.

They are weaned on boiled chicken then introduced to Arden Grange Chicken and Potato - Grain Free biscuits for muscle and bone development.

Arden Grange
This concentrated recipe has been formulated with carefully balanced vitamins and minerals to meet the extra requirements of growing kittens.
A generous helping of fresh chicken is included to provide a delicious and easily digestible source of protein.
This recipe is free from grains and cereals to more closely reflect a cat’s natural diet, while providing the balanced nutrition required for our domesticated feline friends.
Our cat foods contain a unique blend of nutrients and natural supplements to help promote the optimum health, vitality and condition of your pet.
These include: prebiotics to aid digestion; joint supplements; taurine for a healthy heart, sight and nervous system; essential fatty acids to help promote a healthy skin and coat; cranberry extract for urinary tract health; natural fibres to help prevent fur balls, and natural antioxidants and vitamins to help support your pet’s immune system and dental health.
Calorie dense - smaller portions ideally suited to a small digestive system
Naturally hypoallergenic, so free from wheat gluten, beef, soya, and dairy products.
Balanced complete nutrition – correct levels of protein, fat, minerals and vitamins to support growth
Ethically produced - human grade chicken, no by-products, no battery farming, no GM ingredients

Once they are weaned and eating well I then introduce them to a raw diet as well of mince chicken and turkey.

Malkira Bengal kittens come with:
1. Sample of kitten food
2. GCCF Registration Certificate
3. Kitten care sheet
4. Comfort blanket
5. Toy
6. Frontline Treatment (given prior to collecting kitten)
7. Vaccination card
8. Micro chipped Documents (if required)
9. 4 Weeks Free Pet insurance
10. Kitten Contract
11. Parasite Control Sheet
12. Pedigree Certficate

Support should you need it